Winter News and Activities

Happy New Year!

ACS Meeting and Training – Saturday January 12

Please join us this Saturday, January 12th, for our monthly ACS meeting. This month we are meeting at North Seattle College, Education Building room 2843A. Map link: follow link to map, Building location:

Agenda will include: Following is what we will offer at this meeting:

  1. Issue new ID cards. Please bring your current ID card to turn in.  You must have completed the ICS-100, ICS-200 and ICS-700 online FEMA classes in order to receive your new ID card.  If you have not submitted completion certificates, please bring copies to the meeting.
  2. Issue ACS Thumb Drives (donated by Randy Neals) to those members who have not yet received one. We handed them out at the lunch meeting in December for those that were there.
  3. Normal business meeting with brief reviews of repeater status and upcoming additions/changes, brief highlights of the tunnel testing we did in December, and normal round of reporting.
  4. Presentation by Lauren Paolini of AT&T about First Net and how we, as emergency responder volunteers, can take advantage of it.
  5. Presentation by Scott Currie on APRS features and capabilities. Scott is known as THE APRS expert in the Pacific Northwest; this should be a lot of great information.                                                                                                            We look forward to seeing as many people as possible, recognizing that this will be the first full day of viaduct closure. Please plan your travels accordingly.