October News and Activities

October ACS Team Meeting and Training – Please join us on Saturday October 13, 2018. Coffee at 0830 the meeting will run from 0900 – 1130 at South Seattle College, Olympic Hall room 101.

Topics will include updates on projects and announcements, a presentation about the Ham Radio support of RAMROD focusing on the safety and communications role as well as a discussion about the application of new technologies such as HamWAN, AllStar and RFID.   There will also be a training sessions on things to consider when setting up an emergency communications post.  We hope to see you there.

5th Saturday EmComm Exercise – Seattle ACS conducted an emergency communications drill on Saturday September 29, 2018. This was part of a state-wide exercise coordinated by State EMD.  The purpose was to establish two-way communications from the Seattle EOC to the State EOC, other EOCs and amateur radio teams as well as practice call-out mobilization of our team and conduct field reporting to the EOC using voice and e-mail over radio.

The exercise went very well; we had a team of seven volunteers staffing the EOC radio room, 35 ACS members participated from field locations and we contacted 14 other EOCs and emergency communication teams across the state.  An after-action review was conducted, and a report prepared.

ACS Exercise – Monitor and Report on EAS/WEA National Test – The Seattle Office of Emergency Management requested the assistance of ACS in monitoring the October 3rd National Emergency Alerting System test and providing a brief monitoring report.  We had 75 ACS members who completed the SurveyMonkey report – All received the EAS message and nearly 92 percent receive the Wireless Emergency Alert on their cell phones. Thanks to all who participated.

PSRG Remote Receiver Voting System – Doug KD7DK reports completion of a major milestone in installing the voting system.  Voter receivers have been installed at both Beacon and Queen Anne and the system is up and running without the old Arcom controller.  There are four active receivers: Queen Anne, Beacon, Lake Forest Park and Burien (Seatac).  Doug would like to thank W3RWN for his major contributions to this project as well as the other volunteers: Todd WA7FOX, CK KG7AUL, Don W7UUL, and Barry K7PAL.  Also the Seattle ACS team that helped us with the Lake Forest Park installation (Mark N7LYE, Alan AC7MX, Carl N7KUW , Tom N7OEP, and other city staff.

Lake Forest Park Radio Site Work – The Seattle ACS COMT Team in cooperation with the Seattle Radio Shop and SPU have completed major work to install radio equipment and HamWAN/AllStar network connectivity to this site located at an elevation of 550 feet above the North end of Lake Washington.  The systems include a 450 MHZ OEM repeater, an ACS repeater on 440.600 tone 141.3 to support EmComm for ACS/MST and other teams, a remote PSRG receiver, an upgrade of the WA7FUS 220 repeater, and future capability for a Winlink node. Thanks to the Seattle Radio Shop and SPU for their support and thanks to our ACS team (see names above).

ACS – September Meeting and Training – Saturday 9-15-2018

ACS will kick-off its 2018-19 Meeting and Training program on Saturday September 15, 2018 at South Seattle College in Olympic Hall Room 101.  Coffee at 8:30 AM, the meeting begins at 9:00 AM.  The primary focus of our meeting will be to:  1. Recap the public service events and activations of the summer, reviewing what we learned, 2. Hear updates and plans for our current and future projects and 3. Learn about the implementation of the new ACS G-Suite system and the related improvements to document management, messaging and web services.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the meeting.