Exercise Planning Update, February 2016

The Exercise Planning Team had its first meeting of the year on Sunday, January 31st at Broadcast Coffee in the Central District.

We covered a lot of territory and started getting down items on our exercise and event calendar for the year. Service events that we plan on being a part of include:

  • Ride Around Mt. Rainier in One Day (RAMROD) – end of July
  • Fat Salmon Swim – July 16, which Franz, N3HFS, has agreed to take the lead on again this year
  • Seattle Marathon – November 27, which is organized by another group, but always needs more volunteers

Casey AE7SL and Jeff W7EIR serving as net control operators for the Seattle Disaster Relief Trials , a Cargo Bike event in 2015.

Casey AE7SL and Jeff W7EIR serving as net control operators for the Seattle Disaster Relief Trials , a Cargo Bike event in 2015.

As more information is available about participating in these events, we will announce it on the net, at our monthly meeting/training, and on this website. Save the dates!

We are also gathering information on other events so that members can get more practice out in the field. If you have been part of a great event in the past, or are planning to participate in a great event this year that you think other ACS members would enjoy, email Kathy, KF7TTM@arrl.org.

Two other training events that we will be continuing through 2016 are the Fifth Saturday Drills and the Sector Stand-ups. We will participate in Fifth Saturday Drills on:

  • April 30
  • July 30
  • December 31

Instructions are not released until about two weeks before the drill, but generally there are three parts: an HF voice section where the regional EOC’s check into a voice net and pass traffic when conditions allow; a UHF/VHF voice section where our EOC takes local check-ins and traffic and tries to contact other EOC’s in our area; and a digital portion that includes WinLink and fldigi. The Fifth Saturday Drill days are a great time for a Sector Stand-up also.

Sector Map 3-20-14Sector Stand-up activities are continuing to be developed, but we will be calling on different sectors to act as net control on the Seattle ACS Multi-Repeater Net nights. The Northeast sector will be our first hosts on February 8th. North Central sector members will be called to run the net on March 14th, Northwest on April 11th, Central East on May 9th, Central West on August 8th, Southeast on September 12th, and Southwest on November 14th. We will send out requests to those sector members about a month in advance. You can run the net from a location in your sector, from the North Seattle College Comm Room, or from the EOC downtown. No net experience is needed, mentors will be on site to help out.

To add to the sector fun, we will start having Sector Social Time at the end of our monthly meetings. Take a few minutes before you leave to find your other sector members at the training session. You may be surprised as to who your neighbors are!

Our last set of events are about Recruitment and Community Building. Besides participating in service events and drills, we need to let the public know who we are, what we do, and just how fun amateur radio can be. Almost every neighborhood in the city has a Festival or Street Fair and we are going to start participating in these events in conjunction with the Seattle Emergency Hubs. These events will typically be at a table, talking to people passing by about our organization and amateur radio. They may be a few hours or a whole weekend. If you want to set up a table to represent the Seattle ACS at a community event, contact Jessica, jsroder@gmail.com. We will provide you with handouts. We will be recruiting for these events about two months in advance.

As you can see, a lot of opportunities for practice are available for the upcoming year, and even more will show up before the year is out.