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PSRG, HamWAN and ACS Team Work Parties at Capitol Park

Saturday February 23, facing wind, rain and cold temperatures the Tech Team continued work progress at Capitol Park. The crew made up of Casey Hickerson – AE7SL, Alan Scott – AC7MX, Jeff Chang – WB7AHT, Carl Leon – N7KUW and Mark Sheppard – N7LYE was coordinated by Doug Kingston – KD7DK and Randy Neals – W3RWN. Accomplishments included:

  • Installed new Sector 3 HamWAN antenna on west stair tower
  • Moved Queen Anne (BBQ dish) link to west stair tower
  • Installed new bracket system on SE corner of the building and installed new Sector 2 HamWAN antenna (this was a *LOT* of work).  This bracket will also support a new dish to Haystack.
  • Installed new router (more ports) and did an initial configuration
  • Transitioned all Capitol Park devices on to the new router and updated port comments in that router to note the attached devices.
  • Corrected connection on HamWAN Sector 1 antenna

More work is planned to complete the site upgrade plans.

On Sunday February 17 the ACS Tech Team working with members of PSRG and HamWAN conducted a work day at the Capitol Park facility to install and up-grade shared equipment and systems.  Thank you to Randy Neals – W3RWN, Kenny Richards – KU7M, Casey Hickerson – AE7SL, Mark Sheppard – N7LYE, Alan Scott – AC7MX, Dave Krause – KD7PWB, Barry Palmore – K7PAL, Tim Helming – WT1IM and Todd Heuer – WA7FOX for participating in the work party this past Sunday.  Special thanks to Doug Kingston – KD7DK for planning, organizing and leading this very successful work.

This was a safe and productive work party that accomplished the following:

  • Moved 12 103 lb. AGM batteries to the penthouse
  • Raised the new PSRG antenna, a mast pipe, and a ladder to the roof up the side of the building
  • Installed a new mast pipe on the NE corner with a new MiMO capable HamWAN sector and a Diamond X300 dual band antenna with a new run of Heliax, all nicely heat shrink sealed.
  • Installed replacement light bulbs behind our racks to improve lighting
  • Remove 3 old TV aerials from a mast pipe on the west stair tower
  • Pulled 2 runs of Cat5e from the penthouse to the West stair tower via PVC conduit
  • Mounted a new 2 post aluminum rack to the floor
  • Mounted a new DC circuit breaker panel
  • Mounted a new Router with additional port capacity
  • Cleaned up the penthouse interior (trash removed, vacuumed, swept)

That’s a lot of accomplishment!  Thanks to everyone who provided manpower, transport, tools and know-how to make this a success.  This was done safely and with great positive engagement with the building residents when needed.  It was a real success.

We have more work to do, and there will be subsequent work parties. The next one will be on Saturday February 23.   I you would like to participate send a note to Doug KD7DK and ask to be added to the ACS Tech mail list.

EOC Fundamentals Training March 16 – more info to follow

ACS February Meeting cancelled – Next meeting March 26 

The Seattle ACS monthly meeting and training will be held Saturday, March 26, 2019 in at the South Seattle College, Olympic Hall Room 101. Coffee at 0830 and the meeting begins at 0900.  Please join us.

Communications Academy April 13 & 14 – On-line Registration begins February 24th for more information visit the web page.

PSRG DMR Repeater – give it a try

Information about the PSRG DMR repeater and how to use it can be found at