June News and Activities

Field Day 2020

Due to the requirements of social distancing we will not be able to conduct the traditional urban Field Day enjoyed over the past many years at South Seattle College. The West Seattle ARC, PSRG and Seattle ACS are working together to conduct a Field Day from our home locations. See slides prepared by Tim Helming from the June 23 at Field Day planning session to learn more about our plans and Field Day operating guidelines. Also see information about the event on the PSRG Field Day web page.

Field Day remembered

FLDIGI Beginners Training

Join us Saturday June 20th 1 to 3 PM for a basic orientation and get started with FLDIGI. Training will be conducted by Carl Leon, N7KUW. See your email for instructions for joining our on-line training session.

June ACS Meeting

The Seattle ACS Team is holding its monthly meeting via Zoom this coming Saturday, June 13th, starting at 9:00 a.m.  We will run to approximately noon.

Here is the agenda/outline for the meeting:

9 to 10 Introductions, general topics and working group reports

10 to 11 Review of May 23 exercise, lessons learned and what is next

11 to 12 Review of ACS support to Seattle EOC during recent activations

Please check your email for the recent meeting reminder which contations Zoom login information – see you Saturdeay; by the way – this is our first ever June ACS meeting.

Check your email for a meeting reminder with Zoom login information – see you Saturday; by the way – this is our first ever June ACS meeting……

May News and Activities

May ACS Team Meeting – Saturday May 16

We will be holding our monthly ACS meeting via Zoom starting at 9 am, check in beginning at 8:45 and ending no later than noon. The link to the meeting will be sent out by email.

Following our normal round of introductions and committee reports, we will have a presentation by Doug Kingston on recent changes to the Seattle DMR system, including moving to our own C-Bridge, and a variety of talk group changes.  We will have information from our exercise planning team on the exercise planned for May 23rd, and we will have information on an updated temporary emergency worker policy and guidelines on when, why, and how to register temporary emergency workers.

Please join us as we continue to provide necessary information sharing while maintaining required and acceptable social distancing.

ACS Communications Exercise – Saturday May 23

The Seattle ACS team will be conducting an exercise to further practice our communications role during a major earthquake that causes significant damage to our infrastruce and transportation network. The exercise plan will be sector based and work to support the City’s plan to address the isolation phase immediately folowing a catostophic event. The drill will be conducted in compliance with our current social distancing requirments, all operations will take place in particpants homes or vehicles parked at their homes. The exercise plan and instructions will be distributed as we approach the date of the exercise.