Six Meters

Six meters is useful in an emergency because it works without any external infrastructure and can provide the ability to maintain effective city wide emergency communication even in a severe disaster that takes out all communication.  In addition six meters is less heavily used and we would be able to operate with less risk of competition and disruption from other users.

ACS plans to primarily use six meters on FM, so a vertical antenna is imperative. We also plan to make extensive use of VARA on FM simplex peer to peer.  Future exercises and training sessions need to emphasize testing and developing competence in peer to peer.

Hardware Suggestions –

There are many options on the market; many of us have had good experiences with the following:


Alinco DR-06T – 6 Meter FM only – 50W


Comet GP-15

Diamond V2000a

More antenna designs and plans will be posted once reviewed and tested.