Leadership Team Meeting, Wednesday January 13, 2016 7:00 PM

The Seattle ACS Leadership Team will meet Wednesday 1/13/16 at 7:00 PM – a notice has been sent to all Leadership team members – all ACS members are invited to attend and participate – this is how we form this leadership forum.

Location:  Crisis Clinic Offices Suite 300 Northgate Executive Center II 9725 3rd Ave NE. Seattle 98115   https://goo.gl/maps/YH2M16ywxkG2


Web Services – Casey & Doug 

Field Day – Doug

Training and Team Development – Carl and Mark 

Exercises – Jessica Coleman

  • Sector Drills
  • 5th Saturday Drills
  • Cascadia Rising 2016 Exercise
  • Planned Field Exercises
  • Other exercises/drills

Nets – Mike Maloy

  • Check-in Nets
  • Multiple repeater test net
  • Proposed Message handling practice net (voice and digital)
  • Monday Digital net

ACS Digital Messaging Strategy – mission, objectives, practices, and tools – Mark

ACS Communications Technology – strategy and work plan – Mark

  • EOC improvements
  • Repeater strategy – improvements, partnerships and connectivity
  • C4FM Fusion technology – what does it mean for ACS
  • North Seattle College Station – (other satellite comm centers) mission, purpose and plan
  • EOC Emergency Comms evacuation plan

EOC Support Team – Mark, Carl and Mike

Special Events – strategy and plan – Mark

Work Plan Development and Management: Note the above topics are for discussion – a topic discussion leader is designated for the leadership team  meeting the expectation is that these topics will be discussed with the goal of coming up with an agreed upon purpose, set of objectives and expectations which will lead to development of a work plan with specific tasks and outcomes to move these work program elements forward.  A leader for each work item is required as well as a working group or team to do the work, information about the team activities and work products should be posted on a topic specific blog page and meetings and milestones listed on our ACS calendar. Update of work group progress will be reported at our monthly business/training meetings as well as on the website and as information announcements on our weekly information nets.   The leadership team will meet quarterly or more frequently as needed to review overall work plan progress.