January Meeting and Training, Saturday the 23rd

This Saturday, January 23rd, is the January ACS Meeting and Training at South Seattle College room 101 Olympic Hall. Doors open and coffee is at 8:30 AM, the meeting begins at 9:00 AM, followed by training – we plan on being done by Noon.

Project Updates and Announcements

We will ask folks who are facilitating various projects and work efforts to make a brief report as to how things are progressing and present important information for the members.

The training portion of the meeting will include:

  1. Show and tell: Barry will demonstrate a functioning Yaesu System Fusion repeater, and Carl will show two analog (one vhf, one uhf) “portable” repeaters.
  2. Very quick discussion on Digital versus “digital” – i.e., difference between Digital (such as P25, Fusion, D-Star, etc.) and digital text based messaging such as FLDIGI and Winlink. This will be a  high level overview discussion and just take a few minutes to make sure our members, especially newer members, don’t get bogged down and or confused with the term digital, and also know they don’t need to run out and buy a (or a number of) digital radio(s).
  3. Personal preparedness. Guest speaker will be Lynn Burlingame, N7CFO.  Lynn will make  a presentation that covers all the essential elements of getting yourself ready to both survive an event, and deploy and be effective.  Are you Prepared
  4. Power to the people. Colin Getty will cover DC power, power poles, power planning and management, different kinds of battery technology, etc.
  5. Carl will make a brief presentation and distribute  some material from our Nov 23, 2013 training which address the above topic along with the addition of site selection, site security, and safety, to provide augmenting information and make sure we hit on all the important points.

A little information about our guest speaker:

Bill (N6NBN) has worked with Lynn at the Red Cross and other Ham activities  and recommend that we invite Lynn to talk with us about personal preparedness. Lynn is knowledgeable about preparedness and is an engaging presenter.

Lynn Burlingame, N7CFO, is an Extra class amateur and has been licensed for 35 years.  He is the co-founder and former president of the Pacific Northwest VHF Society.  He currently serves as the ARRL Western Washington Affiliated Club Coordinator and as a Northwestern Division Assistant Director.  His other interests include collecting antique telegraph equipment.  Lynn retired from federal service in 2003 and has a long association with the American Red Cross.

Hope see everyone Saturday morning …….