It’s getting a little FOGgy here!

At this morning’s ACS meeting, it was noted that there is a new version of the National Interoperability Field Operating Guide, otherwise known as the NIFOG.  We should note that the NIFOG is not oriented to the amateur radio operator, but there is a great deal of very good information in the NIFOG, and it is nice to have it available as a reference. Just don’t program up all the NIFOG frequencies in your ham radio – that’s a no-no.  Here are two links for the NIFOG. The first is to the publicsafetytools web site (where a great deal of information can be found). The second is to a copy of just the NIFOG on our own web space.


Not FOGgy enough yet?  There is also the Auxiliary Communicators Field Operating Guide, or AUXFOG, which is specifically oriented to the Amateur Radio Operator.  Same story as above – two links. First is to publicsafetytools, and second is a local copy of the AUXFOG on our web space.