Leadership and Management

As of 4 April 2017

Seattle ACS Senior Leadership Team

  • Mark Sheppard, N7LYE – Director
  • Carl Leon, N7KUW – Deputy Director
  • Mike Maloy, KF7DTI – ARES Emergency Coordinator

Seattle ACS Functions and Project Leadership

  • Training and Credentialing Management: Carl Leon, N7KUW
  • Exercise Planning Team Management: Vacant
  • EOC Communications Center Management: Mark Sheppard, N7LYE
  • North Seattle Communications Center Management
    • Dale Nelson, KE7BSB
    • Dave Wilma, KG7LEA
  • Net Manager: Mike Maloy, KF7DTI
  • Communications Technology Systems/Tech Team Management
    • Frank McJunkins COMT, K7RSD
    • Carl Leon, COMT, N7KUW
  • Information Technology Management
    • Casey Hickerson, AE7SL – Website Manager
    • Doug Kingston, KD7DK – Discussion List Manager
    • Kathy Shuman, KF7TTM – Public Service Calendar Manager
    • Elaine Bradtke, KG7CME – Online Document Library Manager
  • Public Service Event Management: Vacant
  • Documentation Facilitation and Management Policy Documentarian: Vacant
  • Procedures Documentarian: Vacant
  • Technical Systems Documentarian: Vacant
  • Financial and Procurement Management: Vacant

Download: Seattle ACS Organization Chart (11/7/2016)