April 29th – 5th Saturday ACS Sector Exercise – save the date plan to participate

Seattle ACS will conduct an exercise on Saturday, April 29 0900 – 1200. We will do this as part of the Statewide 5th Saturday Drill – we will emphasize demonstrating and testing various communications paths with in the city, between sector radio posts and with other Emcomm teams and jurisdictions.

Please plan to participate, mark your calendar – your sector coordinator will contact you about joining the team at the sector radio post set up in your area for the event. You may also be contacted to participate in another role perhaps at North Seattle College or at the EOC.

Exercise Overview:

At this point the exercise plan is just beginning so we have some flexibility. Here are some of the things we have discussed and hope to include that day:

  1. Set up autonomous communications posts at field locations operating off the grid, providing power, shelter and necessary operating equipment and supplies.
  2. Mobilize a team of operators from the sector to support and operate the communications post.
  3. Demonstrate, test and evaluate the following       communication paths and relationships:
  4. Operating objectives:
    1. Perhaps activate the Seattle EOC but not a priority
    2. Activate the North Seattle College (NSC) Radio Room
    3. Activate on ore more field locations in each of the 7 sectors in Seattle
      1. Sector to City coordination point e.g. NSC or EOC
      2. Sector to Sector
      3. Seattle to State, County and other area teams
    4. Demonstrate, test and evaluate the following communication modes and technologies
        1. Voice repeaters
        2. Voice simplex
        3. HF voice NVIS 75, 60 & 40 meters
        4. Winlink Packet
          1. Email by network
          2. Email by peer-to-peer
        5. Winlink Winmor or Pactor
          1. Email by network
          2. Email by peer-to-peer
        6. FLDIGI
          1. Via repeater
          2. Via simplex
  5. Next Step
    1. Identify a lead/coordinator for each sector radio post
    2. Identify and confirm a location for the radio post
    3. Recruit ACS members from each sector to participate at the sector post (ACS leadership will facilitate this through e-mailing to our list)
    4. Sector leads for the exercise will contact sector participants and arrange for equipment, power, shelter etc.
    5. The Exercise Coordinators (Mark Sheppard and Stan Kaufman) will draft and distribute the Exercise Plan and Instructions – which will include:
      1. Modes and Frequencies
      2. List of participating facilities and locations
      3. Procedures for conducting the exercise
      4. Process for communicating with other jurisdictions.

Please plan to participate – more information to follow

Exercise Planning Notes 2/12/17

We had our first meeting of the exercise planning team for 2017 on February 12th at Oak restaurant on Beacon Hill. Thanks to those who attended. We had some productive discussions and good ideas came out of it.

We have a lot of work to do before the April 29th drill. Check out the full notes here:


Next meeting will be March 12th at 13:00. RSVP to Jessica, jsroder @ gmail.com for directions or if you want to volunteer for any of the activities in the attached notes. I’ll also be putting together an exercise survey to get feedback on what you want to see during our drills. Look for that link in the next week or so.

— Jessica, W7EMF